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Online Documents

Create your own web pages.

Ideal for client or sports club newsletters and announcements or for a small business to fully describe a product or service.

A "composite" Online Document allows your website administrator to create quite complex web pages. Text can be grouped into paragraphs (or Subjects) and each subject can have it's own embedded images from the Image Galleries module and links to other web pages.

Online Documents may be password protected.

The following Module(s) are also required when Online Documents is utilised:
When these Module(s) below are utlised as well, the functionality of Online Documents is extended:

Calendar and Events
With Online Documents and Calendar/Events modules used on the same website, you can link an Online Document to an Event.

Thus, for example, for one sports tournament, you could create separate Online Documents for the entry form, draw, referees' roster and results and link them all to the one event.

When the public visit the Event's webpage, they'll see links to the various associated Online Documents.

Customer Relationship Management Stage 1
With the CRM and Online Document modules together on the same website,  you may send an Online Document all the email addresses you've stored against people's names in the website Contacts database.

Image Galleries
Image galleries may enhance Online Documents by allowing your website administrator to link images into documents.

Opportunities Vacant
The Opportunities Vacant module requires the Online Documents module because a vacancy is defined in the website database as a type of Online Document - one with a category of "Opportunity Vacant".

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