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Published: 26th Jan 2007

A great way for a small business to initiate their internet presence.

Do you ever think about getting a website but were a little concerned about the answer to a very important question - "How much will it cost ?".

A lot of website development companies will quote their prices starting in the thousands regardless of how small you want your website.

If that irks, well this is the product is for you ...

What You Get

You get a fixed price, fully functioning, entry-level website with three pages:
1. Home page - Two photos, and descriptive text

2. Product or Services page - two photos and descriptive text.

3. Contact Us page
Each page will contain your business name and logo in common page headers and footers along with a set of clickable menu items for website visitors to navigate their way around.

How much will it cost ?

Costs (all excluding GST)

$490.00    Website setup and implementation (one-off fee)

$29.00      Hosting fee (monthly fee)

$39.95     Domain name registration (annual fee)

You may have already registered your own domain, in which case the domain name registration cost above will not apply but you will continue to be invoiced from your current domain name provider for the domain's annual renewal fee.

What You Need To Provide

Essentially you, the small business owner, need to supply all the content that you want to appear on the website. That is:
Your business's trading name

Your logo(s) preferably in electronic form - on CD or attached to an email. If you don't have a set of logos, BengeWeb can recommend a graphic designer to create some for you.

Up to six photos for use across the Home, Services and Contact Us pages - again preferably electronic form,  although we can scan prints for a little extra cost.

Text for Home page and Products/Services page

Contact details (phone, fax, postal address etc.) for the Contacts page.

An email address to receive customer enquiry email messages

Colour scheme preferences. Does your business have a specific set of colours your marketing material normally uses ?

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