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Contacts - People and Role Maintenance

Your site administrator can record people name and contact details into the website database, assign them pre-defined roles and have those people appear on the Contacts webpage.

The following Module(s) are also required when Contacts - People and Role Maintenance is utilised:
When these Module(s) below are utlised as well, the functionality of Contacts - People and Role Maintenance is extended:

Customer Relationship Management Stage 1

Honours Boards
Person details and role assignments are recorded in the website database by your website administrator using the Contacts module.

The Honours Board module requires the Contacts module so a person's roles can be listed on the Honours Baord.

With the Contacts and Persons modules paired up, you may link a person to an organisation.

This will form the basis of a Customer relationship Management (CRM) system.

Note: Full CRM functionality is currently under development.

Personal Diaries
The Contacts module is required for the Personal Diaries as Personal Diaries uses the person details recorded by the Contacts module.

Teams and Virtual Trophy Cabinet
With Contacts and Virtual Trophy Cabinet modules together, you may assign people to teams that have played at certain events hence forming the basis of a playing history.

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