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Online Orders

Allow the customers to use an online shopping cart to order your products or photo images.

Once the customer has reviewed and confirmed the order, the website automatically generates an email to your nominated email address.

Online Orders are tracked through their various phases - "Shopping", "Checkout", "Client Confirmed", "Acknowledged", "Waiting Payment" and "Dispatched".  Despatched orders may be archived or deleted.

Your customer payment options allow for direct credit (internet payment), cheque or bank deposit. Credit card payments are also an option via the Paymate payments processing agent.

The following Module(s) are also required when Online Orders is utilised:
When these Module(s) below are utlised as well, the functionality of Online Orders is extended:

Image Galleries
With the Images Galleries and Online Order modules utilised on the same website, the website administrator may allow the images within marked galleries to be "for sale".

The administrator would then utilise the functionality within the Products module to define ordering options and prices.

Website visitors will then have a shopping cart available to select specific images to purchase via the "checkout" and payment process.

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