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Image Galleries

Upload photo images to display in galleries, against online documents, voting polls and other web pages.

This is a very comprehensive photo gallery facility - your website administrator may :
  • Choose how many galleries to create
  • Apply any one of the six presentation styles to a gallery
  • Copy or move images between galleries
  • Password protect galleries if necessary

By default, a BengeWeb site is allowed up to 1200 images. If that's not enough for you, you may purchase an extra 600 image allowance for a small additional monthly fee.

The following Module(s) are also required when Image Galleries is utilised:
When these Module(s) below are utlised as well, the functionality of Image Galleries is extended:

Calendar and Events
With Calendar Events and Galleries images on the same website, you'll be able to link images to an event to further augment it's description

Notice boards / Guest Book
When the Image Galleries and Notice Board modules are utilised  on the same website, images may be displayed alongside the text of a notice board or guest book entry.

Pictures are worth a thousand words and supplementing notice board text with a picture (or two) will greatly enhance the presentation value of the entry.

Online Documents
Image galleries may enhance Online Documents by allowing your website administrator to link images into documents.

Online Orders
With the Images Galleries and Online Order modules utilised on the same website, the website administrator may allow the images within marked galleries to be "for sale".

The administrator would then utilise the functionality within the Products module to define ordering options and prices.

Website visitors will then have a shopping cart available to select specific images to purchase via the "checkout" and payment process.

Personal Diaries
Personal Diaries requires the Image Gallery module so people's photos can be linked to a diary.

Also, you may upload images relevent to a specific diary enrty, and then link them in so they may be viewed alongside the text of the diary entry.

The Products module requires the Image Galleries module so your website administrator may upload images of your products into a gallery and then link them to the product definition thus showing the images alongside the descriptive text of the product on the website.

With the Venue and Image Gallery modules on the same website, your website administrator may upload photos of a venue, then link them to the Venue.

When people visit the venue detail page, they'll be able to see the photos of the venue, as well as the other venue information (venue name, address, website etc.).

Voting Polls
If Voting Polls and Image Galleries are utilised on the same website, your website administrator may associate any image out of the galleries with any voting poll.

That image will then appear on that poll's "Show Poll Results" webpage.

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