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Notice boards / Guest Book

Notice Boards display snippets of news that inform visitors of the goings on within your organisation.

Notice Boards can be configured to only allow your website administrator to add entries or to present a button for any visitor to add entries.

Notice Boards that allow entries to be added by the public, can be configured so each entry requires approval by your website adminsitrator before it appears to on the Notice Board.

The following Module(s) are also required when Notice boards / Guest Book is utilised:
When these Module(s) below are utlised as well, the functionality of Notice boards / Guest Book is extended:

Calendar and Events
With the Notice Board and Events modules on the same website, your nominated website administrator may link a notice board entry to an event.

This results in linked notice board entries being displayed on the event detail page. Also, clickable links from the notice entry to the linked event(s) are displayed on the notice board itself.

Image Galleries
When the Image Galleries and Notice Board modules are utilised  on the same website, images may be displayed alongside the text of a notice board or guest book entry.

Pictures are worth a thousand words and supplementing notice board text with a picture (or two) will greatly enhance the presentation value of the entry.

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