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Calendar and Events

Record and display event information on a Calendar page or list upcoming and recent events on your Home page.

The following Module(s) are also required when Calendar and Events is utilised:
When these Module(s) below are utlised as well, the functionality of Calendar and Events is extended:

Image Galleries
With Calendar Events and Galleries images on the same website, you'll be able to link images to an event to further augment it's description

Notice boards / Guest Book
With the Notice Board and Events modules on the same website, your nominated website administrator may link a notice board entry to an event.

This results in linked notice board entries being displayed on the event detail page. Also, clickable links from the notice entry to the linked event(s) are displayed on the notice board itself.

Online Documents
With Online Documents and Calendar/Events modules used on the same website, you can link an Online Document to an Event.

Thus, for example, for one sports tournament, you could create separate Online Documents for the entry form, draw, referees' roster and results and link them all to the one event.

When the public visit the Event's webpage, they'll see links to the various associated Online Documents.

With both the Organisations and Calendar/Events modules used on same website, your website adminsitrator may link an organisation to an event as an event sponsor.

When the public vist the event detail page, the event sponsors are listed along with links to the organisations' websites.

Personal Diaries
With Personal Diaries and Calendar/Events modules used on the same website, your website administrator can link a Personal Diary to an Event.

When the public vist the Event's page, they'll see a link to that associated Personal Diary.

Teams and Virtual Trophy Cabinet
The Virtual Trophy Cabinet module requires the Calendar and Events module so teams can be linked to events to record their placings.

With Venues and Calendar/Events modules used on the same website, venues may be linked to events thus presenting venue information in consistent manner across all events.

This event-venue information can then be used to show all events that have used a particular venue when viewing the public venue detail detail.

Voting Polls
With Calendar/Events and Voting Polls on the same website, your website adminsitrator may link a Poll to an Event.

For example, perhaps you have an event defined for a local under-14 hockey tournament your club is hosting. You could create that event and then create a voting poll asking "Who will win the Rangiora U14 Tournament ? " listing all the entered teams as options.

Your website administrator would then link the Poll to the event so the Poll appears whenever anybody visits that tournament's event detail webpage.

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